If you receive Universal Credit (UC), don’t forget to update your UC claim with details of the new charges that come into effect this month. It’s really important you do this as soon as you get a prompt on your UC account – if you pay your rent weekly, you can do this now (from 4 April), if you pay your rent monthly you can do this from 1 April. Please do not update your rent charge on your account before these dates. You’ll need to update your UC account as soon as you can in order to receive the right amount for your housing and don’t lose out on any money.

When will I know I can update my UC rent claim?

Your UC account will ask you to ‘confirm your housing costs’ in your ‘to-do list’. You’ll need to complete the ‘to-do’ before the end of your assessment period when DWP will calculate your next housing cost payment. Below are examples of what the prompt on your UC account will look like, please update these with the information we sent to you in the post. If you’re unsure what your charges are or when you will pay them, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help, just call 0800 533 5442.