Pay your rent online

To pay your rent online now, you can go straight to My BCT Home. Once you’ve registered, it’s the quickest and easiest way to pay your rent.

Your Rent

Paying your rent on time is vitally important. Without it we could not provide an effective housing service or continue to invest in your home and the Byker estate.

We’ve made every effort to make it simple to pay your rent.

Byker Community Trust have entered into an arrangement through a Cost Sharing Vehicle with Karbon Solutions Lttd for the delivery of our Income Management Service.

You will see some changes in terms of correspondence relating to your rent account which may have some Karbon branding on it. This service replaces the service that was previously delivered by Your Homes Newcastle. You will also have a new dedicated Income Management Team.

For any rent related issues you will need to contact Byker Community Trust by any of the following methods:

  • In Person at the BCT office at 17 Raby Cross


Your Rent Officers

How to pay your rent
Direct Debit

BCT recommend Direct Debit as the best way for you to pay. It saves you time, is safe and reliable, gives you peace of mind and is convenient. You can also pay weekly or monthly via direct debit.

Please contact us on 0800 533 5442 or drop into our office at 17 Raby Cross.
Swipe Card

Use your rent payment card to pay at any Post Office or PayPoint Outlet. There’s one at the Raby Cross Convenience Store and the Brinkburn Store.

Use your debit or credit card to make a payment by calling 0800 533 5442.
Online Payment

Register your details at or download the allpay app for your phone.
Online Banking

If you use online banking you can pay your rent into this account:

Sort code: 30-93-71
Account number: 59878060
If you need help with ways to pay your rent, please contact Byker Community Trust on 0800 533 5442 or email where staff will be pleased to assist you.

Struggling to pay your rent?

There may come a time when you have problems paying your rent. Many people have difficulty with rent because they have other money problems. There are lots of different ways we can help you.

Please contact us as soon as you have any problems or if you are finding it difficult to meet your rent payments.

You can contact Byker Community Trust by any of the following methods:

  • In Person at the BCT office at 17 Raby Cross

Avoid making agreements you can’t keep. This will only lead to more problems.

  • Choose a payment method convenient to you then you won’t miss further payments.
  • Always respond to letters, visiting cards or phone calls as soon as possible as delays will cause more problems.
  • Ask us for advice, our staff are trained to assist you.

Byker-Community-Trust-Assured-Tenancy-AgreementIn most cases we will be able to help you and by taking early action you may be able to avoid court proceedings and extra costs. If you cannot pay the whole amount at once, we will discuss other repayment options with you. We won’t ask you to pay more than you can afford and if your income changes, you should contact us immediately.

If you are behind with your rent and fail to keep up any promised payments, we may take legal action to recover the money you owe us. This action will involve the County Court. You may also be responsible for any Court Costs as a result of Court action.