Tenant ScrutinyAs tenant participation becomes embedded in what the BCT does, the opportunities for tenants to carry out meaningful scrutiny is increasing.

In conjunction with the Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS), BCT set up a Tenant Scrutiny Panel in October 2014, designed to provide a robust approach to tenant scrutiny enabling tenants to scrutinise the services BCT provides.

Following a period of training with TPAS, the Scrutiny Panel started its first service review and designed their own questionnaire, which they used to capture tenants’ views at the BCT Fun Day and ACANE Fun Day and when engaging with Involving_Tenants_6other community groups.

The Panel have been looking at an issue which tenants identified in the STAR Survey and presented their first report to the BCT Board in January 2016.

A programme of future reviews will be developed and the outcomes from the views reported to residents in due course.


First Review – `Listening to views and acting upon them`

The Tenant Scrutiny Panel presented its first report called `Listening to views and acting upon them` to the BCT Board  in January 2016.  The BCT Board supported the development of an action plan following the nine recommendations from the Tenant Scrutiny Panel. The Action plan which has now been developed will be monitored with a full review of the scrutiny process to follow.

Click here to view the report & action plan.

Want to get involved?

The Tenant Scrutiny Panel are always looking for more tenants to join them so if you might like to find out more, please contact David Jones on Freephone 0800 5335 442.