BCT’s aim is to provide a clear, simple and accessible way for customers to make complaints, leave compliments and suggest ways to improve our services. This page sets out everything you will need to know. 

What is a complaint?

A complaint is different to a general enquiry and for it to be treated as such, one or more of the following must apply:

  • There has been a failure from BCT to comply with policy, procedure or standards of service delivery.
  • A decision has been made which the complainant believes, is not fair or clear.
  • BCT staff or contractors have not delivered good customer service.

What is not a complaint?

If you are telling us something for the first time, for example reporting a repair, reporting anti-social behaviour or making an enquiry about your rent, you can contact us through our customer service team.

You can submit a complaint to BCT using our online form here.

Leaving a Compliment

Compliments are important to BCT as they show when we are getting things right and recognise the hard work of people providing excellent services.

You can submit a compliment using our online form here.

Making a Suggestion

Customer suggestions can help us to shape the services that we deliver and bring about improvements.

You can submit a suggestion using our online form here.

Other ways to make complaints, compliments and suggestions

If you prefer, you can talk to us in person, over the phone or you can arrange a home visit by contacting us.

Further Information

You can read our Complaints, Compliments and Suggestions Policy here.

This document explains information on timescales, what happens when you make a complaint and how you can escalate your complaint if you are still unhappy.

Read our Complaints Service Standards here.

See our Q1 (April 2020 to 2021) Complaints, Compliments and Suggestion data here.

If you require any assistance, please get in touch.