What is an Estate Walkabout?

Walkabouts are a great opportunity to get to know your Neighbourhood Housing Officer and make sure they understand how it feels to live in your area from your perspective. It is an informal way of:

  • Showing your Neighbourhood Housing Officer any environmental issues
  • Raising awareness of any hot-spots for fly-tipping or anti-social behaviour so we can keep an eye on them
  • Identifying any areas you feel could be improved
  • Coming up with solutions together and even helping to implement them – for example painting or tidying up an area

Following a walkabout, you’ll receive feedback on what we can do, what we can’t do (and the reasons why) and any timescales for things that can’t be done immediately.

How do I join?

All Estate walkabouts are currently postponed due to Covid-19. We’re hoping to resume these again soon. Please look out for more information in the Byker News newsletter or contact the housing office.