Here at Byker Community Trust we want residents to feel safe in their homes and in the community. We want the Byker Estate to be a desirable place where people chose to live and a community they want to be part of. Anti-social behaviour (ASB) can take many different forms, ranging from threatening behaviour and hate crime to loud music and untidy gardens. We take ASB very seriously: anyone acting or behaving in such a way that causes a nuisance or distress to others will be challenged. Our approach to tackling ASB starts with residents; it is important to remember that we rely on you to help us with this work, reporting issues to us as they arise is crucial. We will then take the most appropriate, timely and proportionate actions. This includes;

  • working closely with other partners and agencies to reduce levels of crime and anti-social behaviour in the estate
  • having procedures to support people affected by anti-social behaviour
  • having procedures to take action against people who cause problems for others.

The way people behave is regulated not just by the law, but also by the generally accepted belief that everyone has a right to enjoy life in their own way, as long as this doesn’t harm the people who live near them.

Byker Community Trust is working with our partners including Northumbria Police, Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service and Newcastle City Council to ensure that anti-social behaviour across the neighbourhood is closely managed, monitored, and acted on swiftly.

How to Report Anti-Social Behaviour

  • In cases of emergency please call 999,
  • In person at the Byker Community Trust Office,
  • By telephone – freephone 0800 533 5442,
  • Email
  • For non-emergencies and the Neighbourhood Policing Team please call 101


We also offer an iWitness service. This is a team of specially trained, independent and accredited staff who are available out of hours to respond to calls of disturbances and provide accurate and credible witness statements. iWitness officers will be deployed for reports and incidents of antisocial behaviour that are happening or ongoing at the time of your call.

To contact this service call 0808 164 0111.