Byker Fun Day-97The Byker Community Trust want all residents to be able to live in their homes without disruption and are committed to helping vulnerable tenants maintain their tenancy.

Byker Community Trust takes anti-social behaviour very seriously. Unfortunately over the past year we have had to evict families and individuals for anti-social behaviour. If tenants experience difficulties with non Byker Community Trust tenants on the estate we can work closely with our partners such as and Newcastle City Council to try to resolve these problems.

As part of the Safe Neighbourhoods Actions and Problem Solving Group, Byker Community Trust is working with our partners including Northumrbia Police, Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service to ensure that anti-social behaviour across the neighbourhood is closely managed, monitored, and acted on swiftly.

3O0A1158To resolve anti-social behaviour issues, it is important to remember that we rely on tenants to help us with this work. This includes tenants remembering to show consideration to others and keeping us informed of ongoing issues.

If you would like to report an incident of anti-social behaviour please contact the Customer Services Advisors at the Byker Community Trust Office on Freephone 0800 533 5442 or email



Other useful numbers

  • Emergencies: 999
  • Neighbourhood Policing Team – non emergencies: 101