We’re changing how we take payments from you when you call to pay your rent over the phone. We want to make sure that your payment card information is as safe and secure as possible, so we won’t ask you to read your card number to us over the phone. Instead, you’ll need to enter your card details into your phone. Whether you’re calling us from a landline or mobile, you’ll just need to tap your card number in when we ask you to.

It’ll take a few weeks for us to complete the switch over to our new system so please bear with us whilst our teams get used to this updated way of taking a payment. We expect all payments to be taken this way by the end of the year – don’t worry if you’re asked to read your card number to us in the meantime, your card information is still safe, secure and never stored by us.

You’ll also notice any rent payments you pay us over the phone will be credited to your rent accounts within a few minutes, rather than on the next working day.

Don’t forget – you can make rent payments anytime at the touch of a button via your MyKarbon customer online account. It’s quick, safe and simple!