Avondale House on Raby Way is owned by BCT and rented by national veterans’ charity, Launchpad. The house includes 33 self-contained flats and is the city’s largest veterans’ accommodation provider.

For most veterans, the transition from the armed forces to civilian life is smooth but more often than not, those few who can’t resettle easily face challenges such as homelessness, poverty, mental and physical health issues, addictions, broken families and unemployment.

Launchpad provides safe, secure accommodation and other essential support to help them make a successful transition to civilian life. To date, Avondale House has helped 218 veterans.

Despite the enormous challenges of Covid-19 over the last 12 months, 71% of veterans successfully moved on to settled accommodation and 42% (pre-pandemic figure) left in paid employment.

Launchpad has signed a new lease with BCT, which means they will be staying in Avondale House as part of our community for the next 10 years.

To see more, please view the video below which was produced by a customer of Karbon Homes who very kindly volunteered his time.