Cook at home with easy-to-use Foodie Book Club recipes

Do you ever get sick of cooking the same thing day after day or just eating junk food?

Imagine if there was a simple way of giving you access to easy cooking lessons and/or easy to understand step-by-step recipes that you could follow and make cooking interesting whilst helping you to cut down on food waste and bills.

BCT and Karbon has teamed up with the Foodie Book Club to deliver 14 individual recipes including 4 breakfasts, 6 main courses and 4 desserts using ingredients commonly found in a ‘staple box’ from a pantry or foodbank.

Here are the first few delicious recipes to follow:

Creamy Chocolate Rice Pudding
Creamy, Crunchy Mac and Cheese
Spicy Peanut Butter Spaghetti Noodles with Carrot & Tomatoes