Our Vision

The BCT strategy for 2020/25 is:

  • Making Byker an Estate of Choice;
  • Contributing to a thriving Byker; and
  • Ensuring that BCT’s community ethos is sustained.

Our Values

Our values define what is important to us, helping us be consistent in the way we do things and guiding the decisions we take. We are:

Inspiring: We believe in people, and create the conditions for them to succeed and unlock their own potential

Dynamic: We continually learn, improve and innovate so we are able to respond to change and be the best we can be

Bold: We go forward with confidence and are passionate, proactive and influential in building a better future

Reliable: We use our knowledge and experience to be effective and efficient, and make sound well-informed business decisions with integrity

Thoughtful: We work hard to understand the needs and aspirations of others and are mindful of our impact on people, communities and the environment