The information that you are giving to us is valuable!

It is just over a year since I took up my post at Byker Community Trust (BCT), and on the 1st October 2017 it will be a year to the day that BCT’s new housing management arrangements came into force.  Byker has had, and still has its share of challenges to deal with.  One of those challenges, as found in every part of the country, is dealing with those who want to flout the law or be a nuisance, and simply have no regard for others.

Part of my role in this last year has been developing and streamlining processes and procedures to show that BCT operates a zero tolerance approach to Anti Social Behaviour.  To achieve this, BCT works within a data sharing and enforcement partnership with Northumbria Police, Tyne and Wear Fire Service, Newcastle City Council, and other agencies.  BCT also now has an out of hours anti-social behaviour professional witness service “Iwitness”, which operates evenings and weekends to gather independent evidence when required.  

Using evidence provided by staff, residents and/or agencies, BCT has now served a number of Legal Action Letters and Notices Seeking Possession upon tenants because of their behaviour, or that of someone living with them.  These have included Notices Seeking Possession under Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 against new tenants which allow for swifter eviction if that becomes necessary.  

More recently BCT commenced formal legal steps against tenants who were abusing their tenancies by using their properties for immoral and unlawful purposes.  These kind of tenancy breaches led to issues on the estate that impacted ALL of us living and working here, and they will not be tolerated!

Jill Haley said in response to recent actions:

“I would like to send out a clear message to anyone who thinks that they can either flout their tenancy agreement or the law that there is no longer anywhere to hide”.

BCT understand how anti-social behaviour can cause real misery in people’s lives and we are working closely with Northumbria Police, Newcastle City Council and other agencies to operate a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to such behaviour. We recognise that although only a minority of individuals commit anti-social behaviour, the action of a few can have a disproportionate effect on the lives of the majority and a major impact on the quality of life of individuals and our communities.  We will continue to work with our tenants and other community partners to develop a robust, sustained approach towards tackling anti-social behaviour and to make Byker a great place to live.” 

We are very grateful for the information that ordinary members of the public have come forward with to date, please continue to work with us and to let either BCT staff or the Police know of any suspicious activity or other unacceptable behaviour by calling 0800 533 5442 option 3 for BCT and iWitness; 101 option 1 for the Police. 


By Shân Mauritzon, Enforcement and Interventions Officer.