BCT’s Investment Programme has been delivering a number of different projects to refurbish and improve the Byker estate, some of the completed projects include:


Byker Community Trust is also planning a number of other projects to complete the stock transfer promises and deliver improvements across the estate. Details of the 2020/21 projects include:

Decent Homes Programme

Over 150 unimproved homes have been modernised internally to the ‘decent homes’ standard. There is a small amount of properties that have not been modernised internally, and BCT continue to consult these tenants to arrange to have the improvement works carried out which includes new kitchens, bathrooms, rewiring and other repairs.

District Heating Internal Improvements

In June 2018 we started a programme of internal improvements to the heating and hot water systems inside your home.

Byker District Heating System 06

This project will bring all of the internal heating systems up to the same standard of repair and install programmers which will give residents much greater control of their heating and help to conserve energy.

The contractor appointed to deliver this project is H. Malone & Sons, who will be in contact with you to arrange a survey of your home.

The survey will assess exactly what works are required and this could include:

  • New radiators and thermostatic radiator valves
  • New hot water tanks
  • New programmer and heating controls
  • New pipework and valves in the airing cupboard
  • Insulation to the heating supply work in the airing cupboards

The exact work in each property will be based on the age and condition of the current internal heating system but all properties will have a new programmer fitted.

Once the survey is completed H. Malone & Sons tenant liaison officer will arrange a date to carry out the specified work to each property. On completion you will be shown how to use the programmer and will be left with a set of instructions.

All work is expected to be complete by Summer 2021.

Environmental Improvements

A major programme of environmental improvement work is planned across the Estate. Improved external landscaping, new wildflower areas, new boundary hedges and fencing, communal bin areas, seating and play areas and the creation of hard landscaped areas as communal meeting places are just some of the design ideas put forward for the Byker Estate as part of a £4m environmental improvement programme.

All residents and stakeholders have been given the opportunity to express their views on how their Estate should look and those views are now being considered before the final designs are agreed and submitted for planning and listed building consent.

The first phase of environmental improvements will see the delivery of health and safety works which have been identified during the consultation and survey stage. These include the creation of external bin stores in several locations across the Estate, additional litter bins, a new footpath link along the east side of Raby Way, production of a tree management plan and the provision of handrails and improved surfacing on key pedestrian through routes of greatest need.

The project is being delivered in partnership with JDDK Architects and Todd Milburn Partnership, working closely with a Steering Group of Byker residents to deliver proposals which reflected the environmental challenges Byker faces.

Phase 1 H&S works expect to be complete by Winter 2021.

Roof Replacement Programme

Esh Property Services commenced work in July 2019 on a £3.5m contract to replace the roofs of 411 properties with original concrete tiled roofs from when the Estate was built. This included the replacement of original metal roofs to properties at the South of the Byker Estate, located just off Walker Road.

All work is expected to be complete by November 2020.

Passenger Lift Replacement

A £1.5m contract commenced in April 2019 with Classic Lifts to replace the 13 original passenger lifts in the Byker Wall, from Byker Crescent to Northumberland Terrace with new vandal resistant and energy efficient lifts. All tenants living in the affected blocks have been consulted prior to any work starting and support provided by your Neighbourhood Housing Officer for those tenants who may be seriously affected by this work.

All work is expected to be complete by October 2020.

Dunn Terrace External Upgrade

Esh Construction commenced work in February 2020 to carry out an external upgrade of the Dunn Terrace section of the Byker Wall from Wolseley House to Salisbury House, including Graham House. The project also includes the replacement of communal cupboard doors throughout the Byker Wall and its link blocks and some flat entrance doors which are being replaced depending on their condition.

The project includes the replacement of the white aluminium profiled cladding, installation of new pigeon netting to balconies, concrete and brick work repairs and a full external redecoration in line with the original Ralph Erskine colour scheme.

RNJ Partnership LLP consultants are supporting BCT in the delivery of this project.

All work is expected to be complete by April 2021.

Kitchen and Bathroom Replacement Programme

Following BCT’s stock condition survey and investment profiling, 285 kitchens and 367 bathrooms across the Estate have been identified for replacement before 2025. These properties form the 2020-22 Kitchen and Bathroom Replacement Programmes. Elvet Construction Consultants Ltd have been appointed as the consultants supporting BCT in the delivery of this project.

They will be surveying each property included in the project and assisting in the appointment of a contractor to complete the works.

Work is expected to commence in Spring 2021 and will take approximately 2 years to complete.