How do I find out what involvement opportunities are available?
We have recently created a Tenant Participation and Engagement Activities Calendar to help us to capture what activities have taken place and what activities we are planning for the future. Supporting this we have also created a Tenant Engagement Framework. If you are interested in finding out more about any of the activities please call Freephone 0800 5335 442, or even better speak to a tenant who is already involved. They will be able to give you a flavour of what opportunities are available.

Why is tenant participation so important?
At BCT we are passionate about providing excellent housing and developing thriving communities that our tenants are proud to live in and that other residents aspire to live in. To achieve this, we know we need to work with, and listen to you, our tenants. If we do this, we will understand what tenants want and what they would like their homes and communities to look like.

What are the benefits of getting involved?
By getting involved you can:

  • Give your views and help BCT improve the services you receive
  • Work in partnership with BCT to improve ‘Our Byker’
  • Learn more about what BCT does
  • Build confidence and knowledge
  • Meet other tenants and staff
  • Have fun and help to make a difference

Do you help tenants to get involved?
We provide transport for tenants or reimburse fuel costs to those who use their own car. We will also pay for child minding and care expenses (which must be from a registered child minder or care agency). In addition, we offer extra assistance for those with mobility difficulties as well as providing training.

To help create an informal, friendly atmosphere we provide refreshments at our meetings where we ensure that everyone’s views are valued and respected.

National Tenant Engagement Standards- What we do, tell us what you think?

Tpas, who are seen as the national experts in tenant engagement, have produced a report called ‘National Tenant Engagement Standards (Setting the standard for effective engagement)’.

Fab RunWith these standards, Tpas have aimed to bring together flexible, practical and clear principles of how tenants, landlords and contractors can find smarter solutions to improve services, save money and bring real and long-lasting change to communities.

trip-away-to-blue-reef-aquarium-smallBCT has carried out an exercise to capture how we presently measure against the Tpas National Engagement Standards and to identify any potential improvements for BCT. To see summary of the report please click the attached link.

We would value any comments or observations that you may have about what we do now and what our plans are for the future.

To let us what you think please let us know your comments via our Contact Us form.