Jill Haley

BA FCIH, Chief Executive

Appointed as Chief Executive in March 2012 and before the formation of the organisation in July 2012. Jill has a diverse breadth of housing experience in both public and private sectors. Starting her career in 1981 for Sunderland City Council she has also worked in senior roles for Halifax and Gentoo.

A Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and Chair of the CIHNE Regional Board 2012-2016. Previous to that also held Vice Chair roles at CIHNE and the North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC).

As the BCT’s CEO, Jill is responsible to the Board for strategy, governance, management and performance, including delivery of the stock transfer promises to tenants, whilst also making sure that the business meets the needs of customers through effective leadership and performance management.

Jill reports to the BCT Board and has responsibility for strategy and corporate governance, ensuring that the Board are developed and empowered to guide and control the affairs of the organisation. She holds the executive team responsible for all day to day operations, performance and the delivery of excellent housing services and value for money for customers.