Important Information:

Changes to Pension Credit Entitlement

From 15 May 2019, couples where one person is over State Pension age, while the other is under State Pension age, will have to claim Universal Credit and not Pension Credit and Housing Benefit. They will both need to reach State Pension age before they can claim Pension Credit and/or Housing Benefit.

Universal Credit entitlement is less than pension-age benefits. Some couples could lose up to £7,000 a year, or more.

If you’re mixed age couple these changes may affect your benefit entitlement. You should consider making a claim for Pension Credit or Housing Benefit before the changes come into effect.

You can check your Pension Credit qualifying age here:, and for more information visit:

Claims made on or before 13th August 2019 can be backdated to before the rule change applies (15th May 2019) provided you meet the entitlement conditions applicable on 14th May 2019.

If you’re already claiming Pension Credit or Housing Benefit, or both, on 14 May 2019, you should not be affected. However, if your circumstances change or you take a break from claiming, you may have to claim Universal Credit instead.

If you have any concerns, please contact BCT’s Welfare Officers by calling 0800 5335442 and selecting option 3, or email our friendly team on: