Our Vision

The BCT strategy for 2020/25 is:

  • Making Byker an Estate of Choice;
  • Contributing to a thriving Byker; and
  • Ensuring that BCT’s community ethos is sustained.

Our Mission

“We work for people who have a voice and influence in our business; we celebrate our diverse neighbourhood; we provide quality homes, environment and services.”

Our Values

We will do our best for Byker by being:

  • Ambitious for people and the community;
  • Energetic in our work with and for our diverse neighbourhoods;
  • Innovative in providing excellent services;
  • Open and transparent in the conduct of our business; and
  • Unrelenting in our focus on positive change.

Cultural Art Project-Community Activities Fund

Our Objectives:

  • Fulfilling the stock transfer promises:  Completing and developing the Investment Plan;
  • Engaging, empowering and supporting residents;
  • Contributing to economic health of the neighbourhood;
  • Completing the journey to independence:  Being a first class strategic partner;
  • Growing our commissioning skills;
  • Establishing a framework and timetable for new contracts;
  • Underpinning Value for Money and the financial security of the BCT:  Securing outcomes which balance efficiency, economy and effectiveness in all we do;
  • Maintaining a clear approach to risk identification and management;
  • Ensuring we continue to have a sustainable business plan;
  • Delivering excellence:  Focusing on excellent customer service;
  • Continuing to aim for first class governance; and
  • Ensuring staff are proud of their work for Byker through support for training, development and remuneration policies.