We are living through very challenging economic times and it has never been more important for BCT to manage our costs whilst at the same time demonstrating value for money, not only to the housing regulator and our funders, but most of all to you, our tenants.

We are on a journey to improve and deliver excellence in customer service and the BCT management team are committed to achieving this.

The BCT Management Team are:

Jill Haley

BA FCIH, Chief Executive

Appointed as Chief Executive in March 2012 and before the formation of the organisation in July 2012. Jill has a diverse breadth of housing experience in both public and private sectors including, 12 years working in senior roles for Gentoo, 14 years at Sunderland City Council and 4 years working for Halifax Property Services.

A Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and Chair of the CIHNE Regional Board 2012-2016. Previous to that also held Vice Chair roles at CIHNE and the North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC).

As the BCT’s CEO, Jill is responsible to the Board for strategy, governance, management and performance, including delivery of the stock transfer promises to tenants, whilst also making sure that the business meets the needs of customers through effective leadership and performance management.

Jill reports to the BCT Board and has responsibility for strategy and corporate governance, ensuring that the Board are developed and empowered to guide and control the affairs of the organisation. She holds the executive team responsible for all day to day operations, performance and the delivery of excellent housing services and value for money for customers.

Philip Pollard

Director of Operations

Philip is responsible for delivering housing management and customer services which are designed to meet individual customer requirements. His main aim is to improve the results and outcomes for the BCT and its customers.

His priorities involve ensuring that performance is high and that the quality of services are maintained throughout our period of transformation. Philip leads a team committed to continuous performance improvement and excellence in service delivery.

Philip holds a BSc (Hons) degree and a Post-graduate diploma in Housing Policy and Management. He is a Corporate Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and is a CIH North East Board member.

Philip Ambrose

Head of Finance and Resources

Phil was appointed in August 2012 and he is responsible for the financial management of BCT with the overall aim of making the best use of BCT finances to help deliver excellent services for BCT customers. Key parts of this role include; setting and managing budgets, managing cash flow and loan financing, as well as financial appraisal of service delivery and capital investment proposals.

Phil is a Chartered Accountant and is also responsible for ensuring BCT is well governed and operates within all legal rules and regulatory requirements.

Michelle Bell

Head of Property

Michelle was appointed in October 2012, having previously worked as a member of the Byker Project Team, who led on the set up of the transfer of the estate to BCT.

Michelle has overall responsibility for the delivery of BCTs investment programme, its asset management which includes preparing long term investment plans for the Byker estate, delivery of repairs and maintenance, grounds maintenance and rapid response team services.

Michelle is a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing and is focused on delivering the offer promises made to tenants, and regenerating Byker to provide quality homes, environment and excellent services to our tenants.

David Jones

Head of Communications and Engagement

David was appointed in January 2014 and he is responsible for the delivery of engagement and community development within BCT including: tenant communications, tenant scrutiny, equality and diversity, social cohesion, community investment, as well as social media and website development.

David is a Corporate Member of the Chartered Institute of Housing and his focus is to work with the community to build effective engagement, working to encourage community development and empowerment. David has been Chair of the North East Tenant Participation Practitioner Group for the past five years.